Top home improvement trends you should follow in 2018

Home improvement is a challenging and complicated task, and we should also mention a costly one. For homeowners who have a more significant budget, we always advise the services of an interior designer. They can be expensive as well, but one hour with an interior designer can help you significantly. He can tell you which colors to combine and what furniture and materials to use.  On the other hand, for people who don’t have money to hire an interior designer, we would like to present you some trends, which can be helpful in this task.

Minimalistic Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design has always been popular among a broad audience, with natural materials taking over space. Although this trend has remained popular in the last couple of years, somehow people always take a renewed interest in it. As part of the Scandi-design, in the following months, we will see the more significant attention to details that are often ignored. For instance, small candles to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere or soft-focus lamps that stimulate natural daylight. This type of design doesn’t require a lot of elements, and it’s perfect for people who love clean space.

Microhouse design

Considering that homeowners continue to get shortchanged for space and they have a tendency to adopt multi-purpose and micro house design, with beds folding out to be tables. This concept is popular with people who have a limited living space. For example, many Japanese households have adopted this style. In Japan, restrictions are space and size have led to the development of this trend. Instead of having a specific purpose for each room, homes have been made to enable bedrooms to transform into living rooms. Their furniture also tends to be foldable, and you can also apply this concept if you are struggling with space.

Investing in home’s potential

More and more homeowners continue to stay put, and they are more interested in spending money on home improvement. This will increase the value of their property and later can bring them more money if they decide to sell. Improving a kitchen is at the top of everyone’s list. With sleek and marble countertops your kitchen will get a professional and trendy look. For the majority of owners, creating an open plan is an overall goal. It will make a transition between rooms as well as create the illusion of additional space.