Top five pieces of furniture your house should have

Regardless of the home, you have, or the style you choose, some elements never change. Decorating your house is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the required skills. In this case, the best way to make some room efficient, but still trendy is to have a minimalistic approach. Over the years, some pieces of furniture have become a must-have item and every house needs them. This includes the basic stuff, like a coffee table or extra pair of chairs. But, let’s discover what pieces of furniture every home should have.

Console table

If you want to have a completed living room décor, then you will need a console table. Considering it’s a versatile piece of furniture, it can be used as a display space for decorations or can become functional when needed. If you want to achieve a stronger visual effect, then you can add mirror or piece of artwork on the wall, above the console table. You also have the opportunity to choose materials and colors so that you can adjust the console table to your living room design.

Coffee table

Can you imagine a living room without a coffee table, it just doesn’t feel complete? In most cases, a coffee table is placed between the sofa and armchairs, or in the center of the sitting area. This piece of furniture connects all elements in your living room décor, and it’s also functional. Some people use coffee table to display floral arrangements or other decorations. But, in most cases, you need a coffee table just to place a cup of coffee while you are resting or watching TV. Nowadays, you can select any type of coffee table you want; there are a lot of materials and colors which can complement your living room décor.

The pouf

For some people, the pouf might not be an ideal solution, mainly if you have limited space. But, for others who have large living rooms, the pouf can be a cozy, soft and comfortable addition. You can make it look casual, but it also can be an elegant part of your décor. Usually, poufs come in strong and vibrant colors that allow them to stand out. Depending on the color of your living room, you can select the appropriate pout which can help your room feel trendy and nicely decorated.

The extra chairs

chairsYou never know when quests might come over, so, it’s always good to be prepared. In this case, make sure to have an extra pair of chairs. If you live in a small apartment and don’t have a lot of storage space, then fordable chairs can be an excellent option. But, you should also have classical one or other types which you can stack one on top of others and store them somewhere.

The nightstand

We don’t have to tell you how nightstand is useful in bedrooms and it’s tough to imagine any décor without it. A nightstand is very practical, and you can store books, magazines, moisturizes that you like to use before you fall asleep.