Moving Large Furniture: What Do You Need To Know?

When it comes to moving your furniture, especially when you have larger pieces, you should make a good strategy. Moving to another story of your house should not be a problem, but moving to a different city may cause some problems. Of course, hiring companies like movers boise is always a good choice, but before you do hire them, you need to make a good plan. So, what should you know and how should you plan your moving of large furniture?

Find some assistance

Yes, the very first thing is to find some help. You can ask your friends, colleagues or neighbors to help you with the moving of your furniture. Larger pieces of furniture are harder to move by your own, so do have in mind that you need another pair of strong hands.

Lifting The Couch
Man Lifting The Furniture

The more people you gather, the easier for you. You can split two groups and make one of them to move items from the living room, while the other group is in charge for bedroom. This way, you will finish all your work on time and you will receive a significant help that will save your health in the first place.

Plan the whole work

Another crucial thing is to plan your moving accordingly. It means that you should organize where and what items are moved to. There is no point in moving your items from the bedroom to living room, as these belong to the place where you sleep.

Therefore, you have to give the movers a guide where the items go. Though it may look like it is not an important thing to do, it actually is as it will save you from losing the additional time. So, take some time ahead and plan everything well to save yourself time later.

Take apart what you can

Another great thing that will save you time is taking apart your furniture. For example, take apart the legs of couches/sofas and tables. First of all, you will get additional space for more stuff in truck, as the legs can take more space when these are not taken apart.

Moving Boxes And Furniture
Moving Furniture In New Home

Secondly, it will be easier to move the furniture around without the legs, especially when you need to move it through doors. Though it is additional work to do, you should do this whenever you can to save yourself space and time

Wrap everything up in the foil

Before the moving process starts, you should wrap everything in the foil to prevent any scratching or breaking. More often, it gets damaged during transportation, mostly because of the lack of foil.

Once you wrap everything up, it will be protected and you minimalize chances for getting it damaged. The foil is not expensive, neither will you lose a lot of time on wrapping but it will protect your furniture significantly. You can buy specialized foil, but any (except aluminum) will do the work. Just wrap a couple of layers to protect it well.

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