The briccola is a piece of wood made in Venetian lagoon. One or more wooden poles are tied together and placed in water. Their initial use is to indicate the paths for mooring boats. They are usually made from European oak or larch wood and have an average length up to 15 meters and diameter ranging from 35-50 centimeters. Considering the amount of time, the poles spend in the water, attached by the salt and shipworm; the wood becomes an extraordinary material for the construction of floors and pieces of furniture. This wood is utterly unique in the world and has a high aesthetic value.

Over the time, briccola acquires an extraordinary strength, to it is resistant to tearing. This type of wood needs to go through a careful cleaning and drying process before it’s ready for use. A thin layer of clear ecological vanish keeps its natural beauty. Many companies who offer briccola often provide a certificate which proves that wood is imported from Venice.

Nowadays, you can find many pieces of furniture made from briccola, but it can be costly. Regardless of the price, briccola will beautiful and stunning design. But, due to limited amounts and complicated manufacturing process, furniture and floors made from this wood are expensive.

In most cases, wood sits in the water for 20 years, depending on the conditions of the tide. Bricolla has vital importance for the Italian people, and it is a symbol of freedom, peace, and it’s a sanctuary for arriving ships.