Are You Sitting For A Long? These Ergonomic Chairs Are Must Have

The office job is fresh as you do not need to go outside anywhere and you work from your PC 99% of your working time. Still, sitting for too long may affect your health, especially the spine and neck.Some women need  prenatal chiropractor and you can visit us. In order to minimalize these effects, the only thing you can do is to invest in a good chair. The ergonomic chairs are really good for office jobs and they do cost a lot for a reason.

Also, the ergonomic desk setup is the additional point that will minimalize the effects of the office job. Let’s take a look at the best ergonomic chairs.

Humanscale Office Chair

First of all, have in mind that your health is the most expensive thing you cannot buy. Therefore, anything else you need to buy to keep it in good shape is cheap. Humanscale office chair maintains the neutral posture that your body needs while being in a state of calmness.

Best office chair
Woman sitting on office chair

It allows you to adjust feet height, hips, shoulders and arms in order to achieve the best placement and position for your body parts. This chair may cost more than $1,000 but it is worth that money as it offers the adaption for any person, regardless of the construction of the body of the person.

Brenton Studio Radley Chair

If you want a chair that promotes better air circulation, you cannot find a better model for this price. It features micro-breaks at the back part, leaving you enough air to circulate around.

Apart from this, it may be leaned forward or backward, which is very useful if you are watching something on your screen. Your shoulders stay in a neutral position, without causing any pain to your body. You will feel no tension with this chair and you can be sure that your body will rest appropriately.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Made of rubber, this balance chair is perfect for keeping your spine the appropriate position! Of course, it is not something that you would sit on the whole day, but it is an efficient solution for taking a break from the standard chair.

Man sitting in chair
Man relaxing in the office chair

The chair features the removable ball that you can remove and have a simple chair that you can use. However, it is made for those who are sitting for long hours and need an active movement of the body. The price is anywhere between $60 and $100.

Lumber Back Easy Posture chair

If you have ever sit for long hours, you know how the lumbar curve in the lower part of back may start aching you. This is the chair that supports the lumbar part of your body and keeps your body in a good posture.

It also features the micro-mesh for your back to avoid sweating. The mesh can be fixed in the way you want, so you can adjust the height and angle of the mesh to support your lower back and ensure enough air.