Carlo Leonardo Rosa

Carlo Leonardo Rosa is an Italian architect and interior designer. As young he started taking an interest in different shapes and began drawing and creating the beautiful pieces of furniture. Carlo enrolled in college in Milan where he perfected his skills and later continued his career in the U.S.

Now he is a successful CEO of a furniture company, that operates in Italy and the United States as well. His love towards architecture provided him the useful experience and enabled him to make some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture on the market. His well-known work is Riva chair that has an unusual shape.

room1It is made from plain wood where you can see the structure and natural shape of the material. The chair looks like a coffee cup and has adjustable cushions, but you can order the chair without them. The armchair is obtained from a single truck of cedarwood. Even though it is designed in a cup shape, it is very comfortable, thanks to leader cushion. For 20 years Carlo Leonardo Risa has led a successful interior design career. His company now counts more than 50 employees, and they aren’t only providing retail services, but clients can get useful tips and recommendations on how to redecorate their home. He has built a significant reputation in Italy, and now he transferred the majority of his business to the U.S.

You can visit his online store to get familiar with this work and enrich your home with high-quality and elegant furniture. Carlo has a piece of furniture for everyone, regardless of your taste and preferences. Many customers say he is working with very talented young people who are more than ready to help you in your selections. We hope you will love his furniture, as well as style.