About US

Hello and welcome to our website page.

We are hoping you will have a wonderful time shopping our furniture. But, first of all, let’s talk about history a bit. Icons Furniture was founded 20 years ago by Carlo Leonardo Rosa and Giorgio Bonaguro. The initial factory was established in Milan, Italy, but after some time, the owners decided to open another branch in the U.S. Now factory operates on two continents, but it has one mutual goal, to produce high-quality furniture using the finest wood and materials. Over the years, Icons Furniture has increased its assortment, and now we can offer its clients the furnishing of the entire house. Our company has a couple of selling locations across the U.S., but you can also order the majority of our stuff over the internet. We work really hard on our design because we want to offer our clients the best and the trendiest furniture on the market. Our designing team can provide you excellent solutions for your home. If you have some specific demands, don’t hesitate to contact us because we also deliver custom-made furniture. Just give us your ideas and thoughts, and we will make it happen.